Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie review

I regretably went to the movie Australia yesterday. Let me tell you how it all went down. Ten guys got together and sat in a room. To start the meeting they all started shouting out random words..."bicycle, monkey, shoe, sandwich meat" they went on and on like that for about an hour. When they left the room they had the script for the movie. I think after hour two I caught on to one of the random plot lines and it got better for the last 45 minutes. By the way I don't think there was a shot taken in Australia. It was almost entirely done on a blue screen and Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman looked like they were in a 1980's glamour photo.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poor Travolta Family

I need to apologize ahead of time to Tia and Neil for this picture and say your welcome to everyone else.
So the Travolta family has been through some hard times...very upsetting. Mandy and I were talking about it and tell me if you didn't think that Jett (the boy that died) doesn't look like one of those composite pictures that Conan O'Brian makes. If Jett is not a photoshoped image of John Travolta and Kelly Preston I am very surprised. I was gonna do that with a picture of Mandy and I and ask if we should mate and see what everyone answered. Maybe I shouldn't.... but I am going to eventually. Instead I'm gonna ask a question I got in loaded questions the game: If you had a remote control that could control anything what would you control?

Friday, November 21, 2008

New "Worst Movie" Inductee

So I don't know how many movies I have gone to the theater and walked out of. Maybe about 2. I say 2 because I can only remember one The Devils Advocate I left because it made me sick. Last night I went to go see My Best Friends Girl. I was somewhat reluctant but I had a friend that said it was funny. I should have learned my lesson from Good Luck Chuck and Employee of the Month but I thought I would give it a chance it was in the cheep theater so how bad could it be? So Dane Cook is a dick...I know... its to be expected, and its really not acting thats just the way he is. Jason Biggs plays the same douche bag guy that girls only want to be friends with, thats not really acting either, I'm pretty sure girls don't even like him as a friend. The movie was not even funny and it was so obnoxiously gross that it was all that I could do to stay. Then it just crossed the line. I didn't even crack a smile till they shaved JB's (aka DB) eyebrows off. So tell me all the movies you have walked out on.

Friday, November 14, 2008


So I went to Boise and I wasn't really sure how to get to my Dads house but my mom did. When we got there there were about 3 servants they had that were not very helpful but did tell us that my dad and Shauna were gone. So we slipped past them and started snooping thing you know my mom had stolen my dads truck. I had to get in it and drive because she didn't know how to. Somehow my mom got out and stole a 4 wheeler from one of the neighbors and was driving around. I got upset because the neighbors were home and we needed to return it without them noticing. I rode around the block in the ATV and coasted in to park it. When I was done with that I noticed that my dad and Shauna were returning home and I had to return the truck without them noticing. Since the truck was a manual I was able to coast that into park as well. That was all a dream but tell me that that wouldn't happen.... I have such stupid dreams

Monday, November 3, 2008


If there is one thing that I regret when I am doing something fun its not taking pictures. I rarely take pictures and it is bugging me. This is actually a pumpkin that taylor carved last year... sorry that its side-ways. My costume for halloween this year was way cool (I thought) but was disappointed when nobody knew what I was. Taylor was the only one who guessed what I was correctly. When he came in my house and saw me he said: "bangarang Rufio." Everybody else thought I was just a punk rocker with a sword.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I've Done Recently

So I have not written on here forever. I have been busy and I don't have the internet. I have been to a lot of fires. This last weekend I was sent to be with the helirappelers. Im sure you are thinking how cool is that but guess what...I didn't see a flame. I didn't get to ride in the helicopter. By the way I stole this picture from a friend of mine. I hope he doesn't care. His name is Matt Irving. Hope he doesn't try to sue me for posting his pic

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yes Americans are Dumb

Damn you Ashton...even in hell you are a douche bag! How dumb do you seriously think we are. We know you did this same exact movie plot in Just Married. Everyone knows how this one ends too. If you are unsure of the emotions you will be feeling I will express them to you in words.
Start...funny, funny.
5 minutes in...crappy, crappy.
Middle till about 5 minutes to the end...crappy, crappy.
So to sum it up there is about ten minutes of happiness in this movie. Save yourself the anguish and watch The View.